Woodbridge Area Unity Helpline (Edir)

Chapter 1:

General provision:

Article 1.1: Designation

1.1.1 This Edir is called the Woodbridge Area Unity Helpline (WAUH).

Article 1.2: Address and position

1.2.1 The Woodbridge Area Unity Helpline (WAUH) address is in the City of Woodbridge, Virginia.

1.2.2 The WAUH is a non-profit organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Virginia.

1.2.3 The WAUH is established for an indefinite period.

Article 1.3: Purpose:

1.3.1. When a member or member's family dies, provide financial assistance for the execution of funeral service or for sending the body to final resting place.

1.3.2. When a member or a member's family dies, so that the members of the group can mourn and mourn, provide information and coordinate.

1.3.3. Distribution of work during mourning.

1.3.4. Coordinating members to comfort the grieving family and assist in whatever they need.

1.3.5. Providing the family of the deceased with information required for the funeral or transportation of the body to the final resting place.

1.3.6. Add as necessary any purpose that it believes will benefit the members.

Article 1.4: Interpretation

1.4.1 What's stated here in the male gender also applies to the female.

1.4.2 Helpline (Edir) means the Woodbridge Area Unity Helpline.

1.4.3 Member means a member who has accepted the rules and regulations of the Woodbridge Area Unity Helpline and is fulfilling the obligations of membership.

1.4.4 Family means the member, the member's spouse, children, the member's parents who are managed by the member and live in the member's house, the member's brothers and sisters under the age of 21 who are managed by the member and live in the member's house.

Article 1.5: Edir income

1.5.1. From the membership fee, one member and a member with their family (couple: with their children) shall pay $360 per year.

1.5.2. From a gift

1.5.3. The income from organizations that sponsor or provide grants to the program that WAUH is preparing or organized.

1.5.4 Annual event contribution (For summer family picnic and winter general assembly meetings): See at article 2.4.1.

1.5.5 Registration fee at the time of application for membership: see articles 2.4.1

Chapter 2:


Article 2.1: Membership

2.1.1 Who is 21 years of age or older and resides in the Woodbridge area of the State of Virginia.

2.1.2 Anyone who accepts the rules and regulations of the association can become a member.

2.1.3 If a member leaves the area and starts living in another place, he can continue to be a member by complying with his obligations. If a member has to leave the area and face hardship, he will receive financial assistance according to the rules, but because of the distance, members may not host dinners or attend funerals.

2.1.4 The WAUH will have up to two hundred (200) members. However, this rule may be amended as necessary if future circumstances permit.

Section 2.2: Member's Rights

2.2.1. A member is entitled to vote from the date of registration.

2.2.2. A member shall be eligible for election after one year of membership.

2.2.3. If a member does not complete a full year as a member (fraction of a year), he will not receive financial benefits. But dinner will be serve at his/her house by the members.

2.2.4. If a member has a death in his family within twelve months from the date of registration, he will have a dinner to commemorate the death, and will be serve for one (1) days.

2.2.5. If there is an unforeseen reason for grief and serving the dinner, the WAUH will arrange the dinner at a convenient time in collaboration/consultation with the bereaved family. This action does not involve a religious ceremony.

2.2.6. After a member has been fulfilling his membership obligations for more than one year; In the event of death of the member or his/her spouse; He will earn ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00).

2.2.7. After a member has been fulfilling his membership obligations for more than one year; If a member's child is deceased, the member will receive 50% ($5,000.00).

2.2.8. After a member has been fulfilling his membership obligations for more than one year; If the member's parent, brother or sister who lives in the member's home and is managed by the member is dead and the body is carried out from the home, he will get $3,000. (See Section 1.4.4)

2.2.9. If the member and their spouse are stayed home for two months due to illness, if both are sick together and both leave work, $2000 will be paid to both of them. However, sick pay shall be paid to members upon confirmation by the members that they are both unemployed and unpaid. If a member who has been paid due to illness becomes ill again within one year, no additional payment will be made. If a member is out of work for three months due to illness, members should cooperate to support him or her in cash or in kind. The monthly payment of the member will be reduced by twenty birr. But when he starts working, he will return to the regular payment.

2.2.10. If there is more than one death in the family, WAUH will ask the members of the Board and the entire member assembly to provide financial assistance.

2.2.11. If a member dies outside of Virginia State; Until the matter is investigated, the WAUH will delay the funds or payment. WAUH has the right to request to see a death certificate or other legal document.

Note: If a member is lost or his whereabouts are unknown, the member will not receive financial benefit.

* From beneficiary payments: unpaid debts will be deducted in advance.

* Until electronic payment is introduced, all payments will be by check or money order.

* For medical or other reasons, the WAUH does not make advance payment.

Article 2.3: Member's obligations and rights

2.3.1 Comply with the rules of the WAUH.

2.3.2 Filling out the membership and other forms properly and correctly.

2.3.3 Timely payment of the regular membership registration and other contribution for a member or family death.

2.3.4 Attend the general meeting unless there is a compelling situation.

2.3.5 To help develop a sense of understanding and cooperation among members.

2.3.6 If a member or a member's family dies, each member of the WAUH shall mourn and attend the funeral if the deceased is to be buried here, and accompany him if the body is going to his home country or another location for final resting place, unless any members of the WAUH has a problem beyond their control.

2.3.7 If a member or a member's family passes away, a member who knows the matter closely informs the representative of the Edir.

2.3.8 If the status of a member or a member's family changes, (for example, a couple divorces), the change must be notified to the WAUH within 30 days from the date of the change.

2.3.9 If a couple registers on the same day; Their membership rights are equal. Both must be present at registration.

2.3.10 If the member and the member's owner are registered in different time; Each right starts from the moment of registration.

2.3.11 If the member and the member's spouse are legally divorced; Woodbridge Area Unity Helpline respects any legal decision of membership ownership. A legal decision includes a personal agreement between husband and wife in a notarized letter (see 2.3.8). Remaining member will be responsible for arrears.

2.3.12 A divorced member may continue as a member immediately (on the date of divorce) by paying only the annual dues. If he does not continue, and there is a risk of death; He will lose his beneficiary benefit.

2.3.13 If a member does not specify a representative on the registration form, the spouse will receive the service and all benefit at the time of death of a primary registered member. If the wife is not present, those children who registered on the membership form will take the representation and the benefits.

Article 2.4: Membership registration and annual fee

2.4.1 Membership Registration


One time payment amount

Annual payment amount

Payment obligation to founding member when WAUH is established



Payment obligation for a member who joined one year after the establishment, i.e. January 15, 2024



Annual event contribution (Summer Family picnic and winter general assembly meeting)

$40 If an individual requests to join the WAUH after one year of Edir establishment, i.e January 15, 2024, and if the number of members of the WAUH does not reach two hundred (200) according to clause 2.1.4, he/she can be considered as a member by paying the registration fee of $300, and an annual membership fee of $360 or a semi-annual membership fee of $180.

2.4.2 The member and the member's family (including the children that the member manages) will pay $30 per month, twice a year in advance: $180.00 (one hundred and eighty) dollars, or a total of $360.00 (three hundred and sixty) dollars once a year.

2.4.3 Due to an epidemic disease or a major disaster, if the beneficiary payment exceeds the available amount, a general meeting will be called, or the beneficiary payment will be adjusted according to the decision of the board members.

2.4.4 If the deposit is less than twenty thousand dollars ($20,000); Members will be asked to pay additional dues. The contribution will be decided by the members at the meeting.

Chapter 3:


Article 3.1: Procedure

3.1.1 Membership fees are collected at the start of the year. A member is considered delinquent if the month passes without paying the monthly dues or if the payment year passes without paying the annual dues. However, if the payment period is overdue, a penalty of twenty-five dollar ($25) will be imposed. A member who defaults on his membership fee will be given a telephone warning. See article 2.3.3.

3.1.2 If a member does not pay the dues for 3 months of the payment year, he/she will be deemed to have voluntarily resigned and will be dismissed from the membership. The monetary or dining benefit will also be cancelled.

3.1.3 If a member is staying outside the country (USA) for a long period of time, he/she may prepay for years.

3.1.4 A member who has been terminated for non-payment of membership obligations may be re-registered. Membership rights are the same as any new member.

3.1.5 If a member is found to be trying to obtain money or other benefits that he is not entitled to and claimed false information, the WAUH may cancel his membership. If there is any benefit he has received, he is required by law to return it. If a member is terminated from membership, any monies paid for the membership while he was a member will not be refunded. The excluded member shall not be admitted to membership for a second time.

3.1.6 Every member of the group must participate in the hospitality/service group consisting of 10 members. A member should fulfill his/her duties properly when it is their turn to participate in the hospitality and dinner service. In order to cover the cost of the diner, the Edir will spend the necessary expenses in advance and give it to the head of the service group on duty so the service can start properly and quickly. The head of the group must collect the receipts of the expenses and submit them to the Edir treasurer and settle the bill within 7 days. After the total cost of accommodation is verified by the accounting department, all the members of the party will cover the cost. A group that served a dinner once will only reassign after the rest of the groups have completed their turn. A member of the services group who is absent from his turn without good reason will pay an additional $100 fine.

Chapter 4:

The leadership of the WAUH

The WAUH will have a General assembly, an Executive, and an Auditor.

Article 4.1: General Assembly

4.1.1 General assembly means the general meeting where the members of the WAUH are present and the highest authority of this nonprofit organization.

4.1.2 The General Assembly shall be convened twice a year. The second is for a picnic.

4.1.3 A general meeting attended by more than half of the members shall be a quorum.

4.1.4 If the general assembly is called and the quorum is not filled, a subsequent second meeting will be called. If less members are present than half on the second meeting, it shall be considered as a full meeting.

4.1.5 In accordance with clauses 4.1.3 and 4.1.4 above, the plenary meeting may pass any other decision except for clause 4.1.6 below.

4.1.6 A two-thirds (2/3) vote of the General Assembly is required to dissolve the WAUH.

4.1.7 If the WAUH is dissolved, the movable and immovable property of the Edir, including cash, will be given to the members who have fulfilled their obligations as members of the WAUH at the time.

Article 4.2: Functions and Powers of the General Assembly

4.2.1 The Board of Directors elects.

4.2.2 Approves and amends the bylaws of the WAUH.

4.2.3 Allow for the daily operating expenses.

4.2.4 select auditors.

4.2.5 Makes decisions on the collection of income, expenditure and other matters related to the use and activity of the funds.

4.2.6 Listens to the report of the board, examines it and gives instructions as necessary.

Article 4.3:Board of Directors

A Board of Directors appointed by the General Assembly to closely supervise the work of the WAUH. The tasks will be as follows.

4.3.1 The number of board members will be eleven.

4.3.2 The term of office of the board members shall be two years. However, due to unforeseen reasons, the term of office of the members may be extended for two terms if it is decided by the majority vote of the General Assembly.

4.3.3 A board member who has served two consecutive terms must serve as a board advisor for at least one year before being re-elected. Does not vote on board meeting decisions.

4.3.4 If more than half of the board members are present, it will be a quorum.

4.3.5 During any board election, the number of board members who have completed their term of office cannot exceed 50 percent or half of the members.

4.3.6 If a member of the board terminates his service before completing his term of office for any reason, the board will appoint a replacement member from among the members to serve in his place for the remainder of his term of office.

4.3.7 During the election of any board members, if a member of the executive committee of the board is re-elected as a member of the board, he cannot take back the executive position he previously held.

Article 4.4: The duties and powers of the Board of Directors shall be as follows.

4.4.1 The Board shall elect nine members of the Executive Committee among the members of the Board.

4.4.2 The Executive committee examines and approves the performance systems to carry out the Edir's work.

4.4.3 Submits a performance report to the General Assembly at a specified time.

4.4.4 Controls that the expenses of the Edir are not more than what is approved by the General Assembly, if the cost is more than ten percent (10%) of the approved amount, it explains the reason for this to the General Assembly.

4.4.5 No board member shall be paid or compensated for his/her services.

4.4.6 As needed, the chairman of the Edir will invite senior Ethiopians or other countries who have experience or knowledge in the matter of the Edir. However, these advisors do not vote in board meetings except to share their experiences and give suggestions.

4.4.7 Board elections will be held at the second annual meeting.

Article 4.5: Executive Committee and Responsibilities

The executive committee consists of a chairman, a vice chairman, a secretary, a treasurer, two public relations officers, an operation and technology officer, an accountant, and a coordinator. These nine executive committees perform the following tasks.

4.5.1 Elects one chairman, one vice-chairman, one secretary, one treasurer who will carry out the day-to-day operations of the Edir.

4.5.2 Prepares work performance systems to assist in the execution of the work. It will take effect when approved by the board.

4.5.3 Establishes necessary sub-committees to carry out the work of the Edir, issue guidelines, and carry out its regular work.

4.5.4 Carry out regular work by communicating regularly as necessary.

4.5.5 Submits a performance report to the Board at a specified time.

4.5.6 Collects the income of the Edir.

4.5.7 Prepares and implements forms.

4.5.8 Assistance will be provided in accordance with the regulations.

4.5.9 Ensures that important information is delivered to members in a timely manner.

4.5.10 Maintains the funds and property of the Edir’s properly.

4.5.11 Studies ways to improve the operation of the WAUH and implements it when approved by the board.

Article 4.6: Chairman

4.6.1 He chairs the executive committee meeting.

4.6.2 Plans the Edir's work to be carried out according to the regulations, leads the Edir's work, coordinates and supervises the members.

4.6.3 Leads the Edir's work. Coordinates regular Board of Directors meetings.

4.6.4 Submits a performance report to the Board of Directors that meets regularly.

4.6.5 Convene a meeting of the Board of Directors. In the event of an emergency, he proposes to convene the General Assembly.

4.6.6 Sign expense orders and letters on behalf of the WAUH.

Article 4.7: Vice Chairman

4.7.1 In the absence of the Chairman, the Vice Chairman shall perform the duties of the Edir in place of the Chairman.

Article 4.8: Secretary

4.8.1 Maintains a list of members of the forum.

4.8.2 He/She prepares the agenda of the board and the executive committee and when the chairman allows, he/she calls the members of the executive committee every month, the members of the board of trustees every three months, and the full members for a meeting when decided periodically.

4.8.3 Takes minutes of meetings, prepares them and presents them to the board.

4.8.4 Performs Edir’s office work.

Article 4.9: Treasurer

4.9.1 According to the bylaws, he/she collects the money that should be received for the Edir and deposits it in the Edir's bank account.

4.9.2 In accordance with the guidelines, the WAUH will make the grants or payments to the members as decided by the board.

4.9.3 Ensure checks are signed by two Executive Committee members.

4.9.4 Prepares the Edir operating budget and implements it when approved.

4.9.5 Monitors that the expenses are not more than allowed in the budget.

Article 4.10: Accountant

4.10.1 Maintains daily accounting records.

4.10.2 Keep receipts of income and expenses for the Edir.

4.10.3 Investigate and ensure that revenues are properly collected.

4.10.4 Maintains and reconciles bank books.

4.10.5 prepares and submits the daily account report.

4.10.6 Prepares accounting and tax reports required by government.

Article 4.11: Head of Public Relations

4.11.1 Carry out any promotional activities relating to the WAUH.

4.11.2 Establish relationships with various organizations with similar objectives.

4.11.3 Prepare articles to promote and growth the Edir and distribute it everywhere.

4.11.4 Ensures the communication of necessary information to the Members regarding any aspect of the WAUH.

4.11.5 Follows up the benefit and assistance that can be obtained from institutions that can help the purpose of the Edir and presents it to the board.

4.11.6 Establishing a relationship with institutions that help to fulfill the purpose of the WAUH, by submitting a report on their detailed work to the board, customizes the way in which the WAUH can get better services.

Article 4.12: Head of Operations and Technology

4.12.1 Provide report to the executive board after comprehensive studies on the smooth functioning of the WAUH.

4.12.2 Submits the necessary research and performance report to the board about funeral homes, transportation, police, and similar institutions and services related to the work of WAUH.

4.12.3 He studies the ways in which the Edir can benefit from mutual guarantee or insurance and submits a report to the board.

4.12.4 Leads the efforts to establish committees that are deemed to help in carrying out the purpose of the meeting.

4.12.5 He ensure the Edir finds and maintain a legal entity.

4.12.6 Responsible for the establishment, management and development of the WAUH’s website.

4.12.7 Registers the domain (website) name of the Edir, and renews the registration annually as necessary.

4.12.8 Use surveys to study how members are using the Edir website and present it to Board.

Article 4.13: Coordinator

4.13.1 Creates and leads service teams.

4.13.2 Determines and assigns the service groups.

4.13.3 Coordinates and organizes general meetings.

4.13.4 Coordinates the annual picnic for members and their families.

4.13.5 It works closely with the committee to ensure that the members get the benefits that the Edir provides.

Article 4.14: Auditor

4.13.1 The Board of Directors appoints auditors from the General Assembly consisting of three members.

4.13.2 The auditors will be directly reported to the board.

4.13.3 The auditors will examine the annual report prepared by the accountant and present their findings to the board.

4.13.4 The Board may require the auditors to submit full year, monthly, quarterly or half-yearly reports if deemed necessary.

Chapter 5:


5.1 These Bylaws may be cited as the Woodbridge Area Unity Helpline Bylaws of 2022. It will be effective from January 3rd, 2023.

5.2 The annual performance and accounting of the Woodbridge Area Unity Helpline shall begin on January 1st, and the annual accounts shall close on December 31st.(Annual cycle will be January 1st to December 31st)